Bracing for Impact

  So it finally happened,  I dropped my oldest off for her freshman year of University. I mean how exactly are you supposed to just drop your first born off and walk away and go back to life as usual? How does that not leave a scar, or a wave of tissues? I don't know... Continue Reading →

Find a Gain

     Guest blogger, Emma Cartwright, days away from her 14th birthday shares a story about living life as a kid-missionary. Hello readers of my mama's amazing blog. I'm her favorite daughter Emma. Being a missionary kid is an amazing opportunity because of all the places I get to travel to and the people I... Continue Reading →

Out with Old

So I had planned on doing a year in review, here on the blog. . .  with pictures from my favorite memories, teams, and events of 2017 but honestly, I have really enjoyed family time the last few weeks. So no blog post.  I did have one for Christmas, but had no internet.  So no... Continue Reading →

Missionary Mama

  People ask me what I do, and my first thought, maybe not always my answer, is that I am a mom. Being a mom is hard.  Being a mom with children living outside their passport countries, is harder.  I constantly ask, would "this" be as hard if we were in the states, would "this"... Continue Reading →

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