Hi there, and thank you for taking time to get to know me.  I started writing about my “confessions” of a missionary wife, a glimpse into what happens during our day to day life.  As missionaries, we often send out newsletters with all the positive news, the success that you can celebrate with us, however we rarely publish the many failed attempts that happen before the success.  We rarely share the deep emotions we experience as missionaries, ranging from loss of close family, to the struggles of starting a new life with a new language.

I have discovered that you, our friends, wanted to hear the confessions, you wanted you know what we struggle with, the raw un-edited emotions.  I hope that as you read the sometimes silly, sometimes deeply personal stories that it will change the way you look at missionaries (or at least my missionary family).  I hope that you realize, that we are  average and ordinary.  I also want you to know that as for me and my house, we face the same struggles that you do, we have to fight to protect our marriage, we face the same parental struggles, we juggle our finances to stretch as far as we can too, just in a different country.

I am going to confess that I am not a professional writer, so you can expect typos, misspelled words, & bad grammar.  I have many titles that are more important to me than the perfect blogger, Christ follower, wife, mother, being the top three.  In fact, the title of mother is the reason I started the blog, my daughters are 2 of my biggest fans.  If I expect them to go and do hard things, I decided not to let the possibility of judgement dictate my life decisions.

So lets start off with one of my biggest CONFESSIONS: sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of my missionary life is frightening, but I hope that it points you to the reason we are missionaries and the one who makes me brave, Our Father.  My sincere hope is that it gives you a a greater understanding of how to pray for missionaries and missionary families.



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