Missionary Mama


People ask me what I do, and my first thought, maybe not always my answer, is that I am a mom.

Being a mom is hard. 
Being a mom with children living outside their passport countries, is harder. 

I constantly ask, would “this” be as hard if we were in the states, would “this” be the same. . . And as a mom of two tall teenage daughters, are the shorts and dresses this short in the states?

I did not grow up like they are, so I often don’t know what to say. I can’t even help them with their Spanish homework or proofread their Spanish reports.

However, regardless, of where you are a parent, passport country or not, the enemy wants the next generation to be his, and fights a fierce battle to win them over.

Tonight my girls leave for camp.
Church camp
Summer youth camp.
(We are getting ready to come out of rainy season, which means dry season, which means summer)

They are going with our home church here in Costa Rica.

This week, while their skin color isn’t the same as their fellow campers, the girls believe they are as much Costa Rica as they are North Americans.

This week
They are not missionary kids
They are not volunteers
They are not translators
They are not just passing through
They are not special guest who join someone’s youth group to attend an event.
They are just youth.

Would you, as you read this, just take a minute to pray for them? That the next few days the Lord ministers to their hearts, that they know their true identity is found in Christ, not a passport, not a title, not who their parents are or are not, but who they are in Christ. That they have an intimate encounter with their Father. That his touch is felt in their hearts and lives. That they have a wonderful time in praise and worship (they do prefer that in Spanish, so would you!)

The girls don’t complain about this live we leave, but at times it is hard & weary, and confusing, and you feel pulled in 2 directions of “home”. And sometimes you don’t feel you belong to either home.

Our church is one place they feel like they belong.

We have been intentional about not doing ministry in our home church, so that we have a place to receive, and that we, nor they have responsibities.

We are so blessed that they like going to our church and the youth group, it is a huge blessing. I don’t even have words to express how grateful we are.

Thank you for always always lifting us up in your prayers & always being willing to cover our prayer requests.

Thank you for praying for my Cartwright girls.


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