Love, Light, and a New ministry

Today we begin a new ministry.

Costa Rica has found itself mixed up in the immigration crisis.

They have people from the Caribbean and Africa, on a long journey looking for a life free from violence, a place to start a better, a safer place for their families. For various political reasons they are being detained on the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. 

At the camp we have access to, the population changes every day. From the story told by the police and immigration officers we work with about 200 immigrants leave in the middle of the night trying to pass, more often than not they use “coyotes” to help them, but unfortunately the are being robbed and beaten. The women are very vulnerable for abuse and exploration.

Regardless of you stance on whether a wall needs to be built around America, it doesn’t change the desperate condition these people have, and the responsibility we have to show compassion.

I feel as though God has literally shaken the nations, so that His word can be shared.

Living here, I feel as though we have the unique opportunity to share Christ with the nations as they pass through our tiny country.

So begins our new ministry. I believe God gave me a specific skill set, for such a time as this, and given me a burden for the pregnant women. So every month we will be going up to the border to offer pre-natal care.

We will provide them with vitamins, and do basic health screenings, but also listen to their story, and pray with them. We will also give them a small gift to help them with the birth of their new baby.

The people in this camp have only what they have carried on their long journeys.
They feel fear, desperation, they are weary, and sometimes alone.

We are here to be your hands and feet, so join with us in prayer, as we bring light.

Pray specifically for favor with the officials of the United Nations, immigration, local police, and the Red Cross. Even today as we travel we have had mixed information about the location of the family camp, we were told by one official that the camp we had been to before had been damaged by strong winds and rain. Non-the-less we are going.

Pray for safety as we travel, today we will go 5 hours one way, and then return home.

Pray for language barriers, the majority of the people speak French or Creole. I am really good at Spanglish, French and Creole not so much.

And more importantly that we are able to represent Christ in a clear way, and express love and light.

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