It is 5:00 somewhere

We missionaries live this really weird life. There is always this tension, this pull.  Between wanting to serve and live and embrace every single aspect of our host country, vs. days where  every single thing about this country has you questioning your call and if there is an exclusion or a part (b) for missionaries... Continue Reading →

Bracing for Impact

  So it finally happened,  I dropped my oldest off for her freshman year of University. I mean how exactly are you supposed to just drop your first born off and walk away and go back to life as usual? How does that not leave a scar, or a wave of tissues? I don't know... Continue Reading →

Find a Gain

     Guest blogger, Emma Cartwright, days away from her 14th birthday shares a story about living life as a kid-missionary. Hello readers of my mama's amazing blog. I'm her favorite daughter Emma. Being a missionary kid is an amazing opportunity because of all the places I get to travel to and the people I... Continue Reading →

Out with Old

So I had planned on doing a year in review, here on the blog. . .  with pictures from my favorite memories, teams, and events of 2017 but honestly, I have really enjoyed family time the last few weeks. So no blog post.  I did have one for Christmas, but had no internet.  So no... Continue Reading →

Missionary Mama

  People ask me what I do, and my first thought, maybe not always my answer, is that I am a mom. Being a mom is hard.  Being a mom with children living outside their passport countries, is harder.  I constantly ask, would "this" be as hard if we were in the states, would "this"... Continue Reading →

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